6 Months of 1:1 Private Coaching

Finally begin to make consistent income in your business.

Stop feeling guilty about your desire to make great money doing work you love.

Your dream of working from anywhere with clients you enjoy and consistently having $5,000 months can be your reality.

This is all possible for you, and it’s closer than you think. 



Do you ever find yourself …
Feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done
Confused about what to do next
Worried that you’re the only one who isn’t sure of how to make it all work
Tired of working so hard for such little money
Wondering if you’ll ever be able to figure out all the systems that are needed to run an online business

Well, you’re not alone.  
Easily afford the support you desire, such as childcare, cleaning services, and business support.
Finally stop spinning your wheels and gain clarity on who you serve and what you offer.
Invest in an expert to show you the way, so you can save time and money.
Say yes to your dreams and put yourself on the fast track to success.

This program is for women entrepreneurs who …
Want to stop undercharging and overworking
Desire clarity around the next steps to save time and quickly find dream clients
Crave support on how to structure their business, offerings and marketing
Have their heart set on doing things differently to uplevel their business
Are willing to figure it out, meaning they’re willing to find a way to get the work done, to make the investment, to see results
Yearn to design a business that fits into their lifestyle

Investing in this 6-Month Private Coaching program will mean … 
A major shift in your money story
Valuing your worth
Trusting in yourself to make it happen
Acquiring support and accountability to fast track your results 

What is included in your private coaching program? 

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:  Since this program is completely customized to your needs, you’ll receive the exact attention and support you need in the areas of your business that you’re struggling with the most.

By the end of the 6 months...

You’ll stand joyfully in your own skin, feeling valued and worthy of living your dream and doing work you value and enjoy.

You’ll learn how to design a business model that fits into the life you’re working to create, so you can set yourself up for doing business on your terms and enjoy freedom around your time.

You’ll also acquire the tools to maintain a realistic work/life balance.

You’ll learn to leverage your time, establish customer service standards, and determine lead generation systems to ensure revenue continues to come in and that every client is well taken care of without draining your energy or consuming your time.

You’ll feel confident in your marketing skills and your approach to reaching your ideal clients.

You’ll understand what common mistakes to avoid when building an online business.

You’ll be able to communicate honestly and clearly how your husband can support you to achieve your professional goals, creating clear expectations and strengthening your relationship.

You’ll safely make the transition from your full-time job to running your business full-time without worrying where the next client is coming from.

You’ll learn how to leverage your time, so you can generate quality leads, resulting in strong conversion rates.

You won’t have to choose between life and work.  You can have it all.

You’ll have successfully designed a business model that ensures flexibility and control of your schedule, so you can enjoy the leisure of your lifestyle.

You’ll receive weekly accountability to keep you moving toward your goals.

Finally stop putting your dreams on hold, so you don’t look back in 5 years and regret you didn’t go for it.

You’ll have confidence in the work you are doing and the services you are providing to your customers.

Step out boldly in this way to create work that you're passionate about.  Go for it and get the support you need to succeed.

You will know how to set up a service-based online business that attracts your ideal clients.


You deserve top-notch support.  You deserve a coach who will understand your fears and struggles.  You need someone who will support you every step of the way because you can’t afford to make big mistakes or risky financial decisions.   

The transition from a job to owning a business can be a stressful, lonely time.  It can be confusing and overwhelming.

But with support from a coach, you can be sure that you’ll take consistent action over time that will result in a strong foundation for fast growth.

You’ll ramp up your efforts without gobbling up more of your time, and you’ll discover how to use your time wisely.

Why me?

I’m fully committed to supporting women as they make money doing the work they love without losing their mind in the process.

I’m so committed because I’ve been there.  I struggled for almost 5 years while I allowed myself to play the victim to circumstances in my life that I created (and had the power to change.)

I fed into a money story that it would take a long time to acquire wealth and make the money I truly desired and I believed I didn’t have enough time because I had young children (all the coaches who were making 6 or 7 figures didn’t have children.)

I was thousands of dollars in debt.  I was truly worried where the money would come from and where the clients would come from.  I was stuck in fear.

I thought I could do it on my own but just ended up wasting time and money.  I was tired of watching from the sidelines while other women experienced success.

I invested in working with the best in the industry.  I worked through my own limiting beliefs and my money story.  I gained confidence through working with a great mentor.  

I finally decided something needed to change and that something was me.

In the summer of 2014 this all came to a stop.  I had enough.  I was over living my life this way, client to client.  I didn’t want to struggle any more.  I wanted to stop saying, “When I’m successful, then I’ll be able to ...”  And I was finally committed to making smart, intentional financial choices that would carry me close to my goal.   That very day I went online to find a mentor who could point me in the right direction, hold me accountable to take consistent action and help me to change my mindset.

Everything changed quickly after I decided to invest in my own high-level coach to receive support and learn systems to take consistent action and fast track my results.

I went from having months with no income to experiencing my first financial miracle, receiving $26,100 in less than 30 days. It was my first financial miracle of its size.  For me this meant paying off debt, paying cash for a trip to Mexico, and having money for more childcare and resources to update my website, plan a photoshoot, and outsource part of my business operations.  (Click here to learn more about the exact steps I took in the free training, Mindset Reset.)

If that would change your world - then you’re in the right place.

It can happen quickly for you, too, when you’re willing to invest in you- when you’re willing to say YES to your success, to your dreams and your desire by investing in yourself.

I believe that it’s your time to have all you desire and more.  This is your chance to finally get the support you desire to quickly move your business forward and begin to live your dream life now.

I’d like to invite you to 6 months of 1:1 private coaching support.